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When a voice told Clive to head towards the local Inn by the docks, he obeyed, knowing perhaps it wasn’t the right thing to do. He headed out under cover of his invisibility cloak after having told his friend Guy to meet him there. Upon first entering the pub at the base of the Inn, Clive saw nothing special among the Tengu who looked very similar to him who currently filled the establishment. He would have considered taking the cloak off to wait for Guy and whatever reason he needed to be there, but the tentacle growing from his back tended to cause unwanted attention so he chose a corner and watched. Thirty minutes into said watch a warforged walked in causing a somewhat interesting reaction from the clientele as it headed to the bar and the Tengu there either headed out to tables or left. Clive continued to watch, but soon things appeared settled as the warforged sat drinking and the pubs noise level picked back up. Clive wondered if the warforged could be the reason he was compelled to be there as he saw nothing else of note until Guy stumbled in on fire.

A female orcish shaman named Sandroka steps from the mists imparting the importance of Fenriz, Clive, and Guy traveling East together though treacherous seas toward unknown desert and the promise of dragons.
3 must go East to meet 3 Sisters for the Promise of Dragons.

Shaman's Prophecy: Promised Dragons

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